A compassionate virtual learning community fostering healing, growth, and academic success through trauma-informed education."

"Transforming Lives, Healing Hearts"

Nurturing Lives was created with a heartfelt purpose to address the profound lack of care and compassion experienced by trauma survivors. Founded by Karen, a survivor herself, this organization emerged from a deep understanding of the struggles and challenges faced during the healing process. With a desire to innovate the way services are provided, Nurturing Lives is committed to offering comprehensive trauma-informed support, education, parenting classes, art groups, and prevention programs. Through this survivor-founded initiative, the aim is to empower individuals, create a safe and nurturing environment, and inspire positive change for those seeking to rebuild their lives after trauma.

I'm Karen, the founder of Nurturing Lives, I'm an overcomer who has experienced firsthand the challenges of trauma and violence. My personal journey has ignited a deep passion to provide compassionate support, trauma-informed education, and empowering resources to individuals seeking healing and renewal. With an unwavering commitment, I strive to create a safe and nurturing environment where lives are transformed, resilience is fostered, and the power of compassion is embraced.

Trauma Informed Services:

  • Founded by a survivor who understands the challenges of trauma firsthand, Nurturing Lives strives to create a safe and nurturing environment where healing and renewal can take place.
  • Our company offers a range of services, including trauma-informed support programs, education, parenting classes, art groups, and prevention initiatives, all designed to address the unique needs of trauma survivors.